Stitches - Immersive Telehaptic Bodysuits

Haptics will soon come to play a larger role in wearable technology. Thus far we've seen LEDs dominate as the primary feedback mechanism to users. But as clever circuit designs and battery technologies improve, our wearables devices will begin to nudge us physically. 


Exploring the potential of telehaptic communication between multiple users, Human Stitches is a pair of wireless bodysuits outfitted with 120 haptic zones. Each zone contains a sensor for input and an actuator for feedback. 


The suits are designed to mirror each other (a touch on one suit triggers and actuator in the same location on the other) or they can be controlled remotely via a mobile device. 


The project is a wonderful research tool to examine various use cases for haptic communication. More detailed information can be found in this detailed Telehaptic Awareness. 


Few other wearable technology projects to note that include haptics are Fundawear — yup vibrating undies for long distance lovers — and Cute Circuit's Hug Shirt, a shirt that allows you to send long distance hugs.

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