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It was less than a year ago that I first blogged about Angela Mackey's stylish illuminated bicycle coat. Back then it was simply an idea, a first prototype. While most wearable tech experiments ultimately remain a prototype, I am delighted to see Mackey's ambition to bring her concept to market. 


Light strip detail


Vega is the first line of illuminated coats that are genuinely fashionable. With a classic streamlined design, the coat doesn't scream high-tech.  Located in the front and back of the coat, the LED light strips are removable making the garment washable and allowing the electronics to be easily replaced or upgraded. This type of modular design is essential to make wearable technology successful in the marketplace. 


Future colors will be available in  light grey, dark green, and a khaki-beige.


Available now for spring, Vega One is a light-weight dress coat made from 60/40 cotton/polyester fabric. The LED lights on the front upper torso of the coat are white while the LEDs on the mid-back are red. The lights are designed to flash or just provide a solid beam of illumination. The garment is made in Borås, Sweden, a small town just outside Gothenburg with a rich textile tradition.


Future designs will include a cape and a raincoat.


To celebrate their launch, Vega One is currently available through Anglea Mackey's shop at a 10% discount for $399. 


Please support your fellow fashion technologists working to bring affordable, fashionable wearable technology to market! I know I will be purchasing my coat today. 


Bravo Angela. You are an inspiration to the rest of the FT community! 


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