Pauline van Dongen, with an interdisciplinary team of researchers, engineers and scientists, is working on developing wearable solar cells. The project was inspired by the need for continuous connectivity especially in environments such as music festivals where power sources are scarce. In hopes of turning our bodies into energy sources for our mobile devices, their team is exploring the seamless integration of solar panels into garments ideally through the development of a solar textile. 

Dongen's first exploratory garment design was inspired by the structural layers of both the skin and the solar cells. 


Currently they are seeking funding to continue with the development of the wearable solar project. It is significant to note that a fashion designer was employed at the very early stages of the exploration of this research. I'm looking forward to seeing future iterations. 


You can follow the development of the project on wearable and to learn more about Pauline van Dongen and her work, take a look at this wonderful interview.

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